Hello … Kitty?

There’s been an uproar on my Facebook feed today (that may be a slight exaggeration) regarding Sanrio correcting the curator of a Hello Kitty exhibit in LA by telling her said kitty is in fact not a kitty – she’s a little girl. But wait (I hear you and many others cry): her name is … Continue reading

Sticks and Stones

After the recent reading of the federal budget I noticed a rise in certain derogatory terms with regard to welfare recipients. There was actually one guy on a friend’s feed who told me to ‘toughen up and get a job’ and then asked if I ‘had any skills and not excuses’. And you know what? … Continue reading

Some Things I Wish I Had Of Known About Welfare And Being Unemployed Post-Redundancy, Especially When Dealing With Government Services

As of last week I received my first social security payment after being made redundant in December. Well it was half a payment but better than a poke in the eye with a hot stick. After going without any income for a month (and thanks must go to the people who fed me during that … Continue reading

Colouring In

I am currently in a holding pattern. Not being eligible for unemployment benefits until mid-May and not yet having any luck on the job searching front nor income to speak of, like I mentioned before, it is hard to fill the time once the job apps have been sent and my study for the week … Continue reading

Television Goodness

For someone currently without gainful employment, I have found myself very busy of late. Occasionally, however, there are empty hours to fill during the week when I’m done studying or sending off job applications and joining employment agencies. You know, the usual. During these times I have turned to the TV to empty my brain … Continue reading

What would you delete from your life?

The past few days have been a raging inferno in my home town (Melbourne). It’s not been pleasant; that’s possibly the biggest understatement in some measure of time. Anyhoo, as you know I am presently without gainful employment so this week during the heatwave I have been home monitoring my cat’s vitals and trying not … Continue reading

Driving Away the Wall of Anxiety

Despite all my good intentions and positivity, over the past two days I hit a wall of anxiety. It was like in a dream (or an apocalyptic movie with Jake Gyllenhaal or someone) when you see a giant tidal wave and know it’s  aimed at you. Then the wave turns to ice and encloses you within … Continue reading

Silly Things People Say

Humans are weird right? They say some weird things. As I am a bit strange and can be very literal these things sometimes bug me. Here are some things I’d rather people stopped saying (and yes, I have stopped saying these things myself): I’m so jealous. We hear this a lot when someone speaks/posts about a … Continue reading

The Un-Box Your Floordrobe Method

I’ve not seen parts of my floor for a few years now due to the tsunami of clothes covering it. So part of my ‘keep busy, don’t go insane’ post-redundancy plan is to sort it out. I have actually spent time during the year culling my massive floordrobe but it doesn’t seem to have made … Continue reading

A Few Things I Can Now Do With My Unemployed Life

I have been thinking of the opportunities my newly found unemployment offers me. Here are some things I came up with: Live out my dream to become an astronaut. Let’s face it; who doesn’t want to go to space? I am sure The PolTM would be happy to be the first cat in space. Start … Continue reading