Economic Girlie Man

In the past few days our current Liberal (big L, not the small one the US are used to) finance minister Mathias Cormann borrowed a term from an Arnold Schwarzenegger speech to the US Republican Party and called the leader of our leftish wing opposition, Bill Shorten, an ‘economic girlie man’ because of his objections to a harsh budget.

As an actual girl I think the equating of being one with weakness is pretty fucken dumb. I’d like to see Mathias dealing with debilitating periods, sexism, the increased likelihood of being beaten by one’s partner or raped, told you’re not arguing a point but that you’re being ’emotional’, pay inequity, not to mention pushing a baby through one’s bits after carrying it on one’s person for nine months or losing a child you have been carrying … in your own body. If he thinks that’s weak then I don’t know what world he’s living in. I don’t doubt men struggle but using women as a referent for a weaker being is just illogical. And I realise I speak from a relatively privileged position. If he thinks ‘economic girlie’ is a weakness he should talk to my mum who brought up three kids as a single parent and became an accounts keeping type person who kicked arse. It was a struggle and often scary but she did it, as many have to on a sole income.

In this kind of media furore, or whatever it is, people usually bring out the old chestnut that political correctness has gone cray. I’m not sure if these people understand why PC language came about. Personally I thought it was a better way of using language (and mucking about with language is my background) to break down dichotomies in order to be respectful of all people. ALL people. If you look at popular advertising then one could conclude men, by default of their gender are; clueless, selfish, dumb, weak if they show emotion and lazy … What a load of absolute shit. The day I believe that is the day I have lost any semblance of logic.

The way Mathias just used language is not about free speech. It’s about degradation … Of half the population. Cereally? It’s 2014, evolve already.

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