My What a Week it’s Been … And it’s Only Wednesday

The past few days have been filled with positive stress (too much interesting stuff to get through) and nice weirdness.

Aforementioned stress kicked off on Monday when my editor emailed and asked if I could turn around a short article by Friday. In the middle of my flustering I received a call from a gentleman who wanted to interview me for a PA position. Apparently I had applied for an admin position at his organisation but he decided I would be better suited to being his PA. Weird thing is I didn’t have a record of applying for the admin position on my job search spreadsheet. Yes of course I have a spreadsheet. A friend has suggested that it all sounds a bit like a Doctor Who episode.

So yesterday I went in and met him. He was actually on my tram on the way in and turned out to be a lovely person with an immaculate tie. By 6.30 PM last night I had the job and start Monday, with a three month probation period. I am so excited, I can’t tell you how much.

I am so looking forward to working again and planning what I shall buy with my newly gotten gains. Expect retail spending to go up in the next few months. I also look forward to thanking those who have supported me over the last nine months but worry about how the cat is going to deal with my not being here.

Anyhow today I intend to nap for a while and just bask in my glory. Friday night I get to see Professor Brian Cox. SO GOOD.

BEST WEEK EVER. Plus I met a Doge. And here’s a picture.




2 Responses to “My What a Week it’s Been … And it’s Only Wednesday”
  1. Adam Dennis says:

    My heartfelt congratulations on returning to the land of the paid! At last you escape from the shadowy half-world of the seeker … good for you!

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