Economic Girlie Man

In the past few days our current Liberal (big L, not the small one the US are used to) finance minister Mathias Cormann borrowed a term from an Arnold Schwarzenegger speech to the US Republican Party and called the leader of our leftish wing opposition, Bill Shorten, an ‘economic girlie man’ because of his objections to a harsh … Continue reading

My What a Week it’s Been … And it’s Only Wednesday

The past few days have been filled with positive stress (too much interesting stuff to get through) and nice weirdness. Aforementioned stress kicked off on Monday when my editor emailed and asked if I could turn around a short article by Friday. In the middle of my flustering I received a call from a gentleman who wanted … Continue reading

Zoo Fun Times

Melbourne Zoo is one of my happy places. It has two of my favourite things: animals and a Mr Whippy van. Yesterday I went with a friend I used to work with. Presently it’s not far from my house and guess what? I’m a Zoos Victoria member so I get to go to all of … Continue reading

Movies on Demand – SBS

One of the advantages of doing freelance and casual work is not being exposed to office generated germs and thereby getting ill is less common. So I haven’t been properly sick in a while now … until last week when I managed to get an ear infection. I actually blame Facebook for this – there’s … Continue reading