What would you delete from your life?

The past few days have been a raging inferno in my home town (Melbourne). It’s not been pleasant; that’s possibly the biggest understatement in some measure of time. Anyhoo, as you know I am presently without gainful employment so this week during the heatwave I have been home monitoring my cat’s vitals and trying not … Continue reading

Driving Away the Wall of Anxiety

Despite all my good intentions and positivity, over the past two days I hit a wall of anxiety. It was like in a dream (or an apocalyptic movie with Jake Gyllenhaal or someone) when you see a giant tidal wave and know it’s  aimed at you. Then the wave turns to ice and encloses you within … Continue reading

Silly Things People Say

Humans are weird right? They say some weird things. As I am a bit strange and can be very literal these things sometimes bug me. Here are some things I’d rather people stopped saying (and yes, I have stopped saying these things myself): I’m so jealous. We hear this a lot when someone speaks/posts about a … Continue reading

The Un-Box Your Floordrobe Method

I’ve not seen parts of my floor for a few years now due to the tsunami of clothes covering it. So part of my ‘keep busy, don’t go insane’ post-redundancy plan is to sort it out. I have actually spent time during the year culling my massive floordrobe but it doesn’t seem to have made … Continue reading