New York Essentials

As of tomorrow I will have been in New York a week. Obviously this does not make me an expert on all things NY-related but I do have a few tips which may prove helpful to someone, somewheres, if anyone ever actually reads this. They go a little somethin’ like this: Take moisturiser. I left … Continue reading

The Andy Warhol Monument

Today I went down to Union Square to meet an old friend. There’s a park next to the Subway full of squirrels and people attempting to escape the balmy weather. There’re lots of little parks like it in New York, a great use of public space. Since I had some time to kill I dropped … Continue reading

The Jane Hotel, New York

Some three years ago, a beardy journalist in the Guardian posted a review¬†about The Jane Hotel in New York. I must admit, I was immediately intrigued. The price of the cabins (from $99 a night) made me realise I might be able to make it to New York and afford to stay somewheres that actually … Continue reading

Greetings from the New York

When I was 12 I lived in a small town in the far awayness from everything. A band that I liked (and, who it must be said, were completely pretentious in retrospect) talked about art and shit in their interviews. Specifically they spoke about one Andy Warhol, who lived in a place called New York. … Continue reading